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Fully Inclusive. Building Community. Valuing Everyone.

Welcome To Dancin'Tots


We are Eric and Sam and we run Dancin'Tots but if you've been before you know we all run Dancin'Tots.

It's our session to have fun and enjoy ourselves for the next 45 minutes or so.

Our sessions are aimed at babies to pre schoolers (and their adults!) sharing a fun filled, stimulating class together and have a little bit of everything to keep you engaged, moving and happy.

With Disco Lights, Action Songs like the Hokey Cokey, Nursery Rhymes, Musical Instruments, Bubble Time, Parachute, Giant Ball and so much more

Dancin'Tots sessions have a format and a rhythm, we may seem random and chaotic, but tots and adults alike feel safe in the knowledge of what to expect next and how they choose to participate in it.

And there's Only One Rule

You all enjoy yourselves and have alot of fun

If you're a bit shy, don't worry.

You might enjoy sitting and listening alot, joining in a little bit and exploring the space around you.

And if you're not shy, don't worry either, because you might enjoy, joining in alot.

As long as you're enjoying yourself and having fun, that's all that matters to us.

A very warm welcome awaits you all.

Eric & Sam x

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Who are we?

Our Background

When we started Dancin'Tots we never have dreamed it would become what it's now grown into.

We started on 17th April 2012 When our youngest daughter was just 14 months old.......
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