There are lots of links in this post with free food available to anyone who needs it 💖. We recently came across a post on Facebook asking for help accessing food for a family that was obviously struggling.
Times are tough and there are many many families in the same situation. So listed below are some of the suggestions that were made and links to places that offer free food for any family in need. Most of these suggestions don’t need any vouchers and are freely available to anyone who needs it.
Please feel free to contact us with your own new suggestions and we will add them to the list please feel free to share this information so that we can reach any family that needs help.
Here’s goes…
If you’re a member of Mamas Bristol CIC: Swaps & Freebies they have people over Bristol who collect surplus food from supermarkets and put it outside their house for anyone to collect
Download the app, called Olio. You can request Tesco and Pret surplus food from “food waste heroes” around you. It is all free. You can setup the distance to 0.3,0.6, 1.3 miles and so on. Up to you how far are you willing to go. Use by items has to be collected the same night. Best before items can be collected next day.
There’s is also an app called “too good to go” and you can pick up free fresh things on there from local supermarkets etc that are near or on use by date.
The Salvation Army offer help with food and there are several in and around Bristol – Bristol Citadel in the city centre, Bristol Easton, Bristol Kingswood, Pill, Staple Hill and Bristol South (based in Knowle West but covers most of South Bristol. They do frozen ready meals freshly prepared on site by chefs as well as tinned/long life food), They all have links with The Salvation Army’s Employment Plus team too which is a free service who can help look at things like benefits, debt advice, training employment advice, well-being, housing issues etc who can meet you in an area convenient for you for a cuppa and a chat to help you.
If you are in Bristol, many of our Children’s Centres have a weekly food delivery, where you can turn up. Its usually some fresh fruit and veg and tins and stuff.
Check out food clubs, there are a few dotted around the city and information can be found here
If you’re near BS16/Mangotsfield area there is a community fridge at barley close school which is open to anyone to collect things Mon to Fri. There’s also a community fridge in keynsham too. There is a community fridge in Timsbury and I think Paulton might still have one.
Community fridges are open and accessible 24/7, no vouchers, no questions, take what you need. 
Timsbury community fridge is at South Road Methodist. Church.

If you call your local food bank – even without a voucher – they will give you a food parcel 🙂. You don’t need a voucher to use the foodbank if it’s an emergency. Hillfields Community Hub Friday Food Club – non means tested take as much as you need £3.50 a week
Lyde Green Community Centre get supplies of Free Food from Co-op & Saintsburys.
Coexist in Easton do microwaveable, freezable meals for collection . Collect meals between 2:30/5:30 Wednesday
The Foundation for Active Community Engagement (FACE) get ASDA donations on Mondays put outside the front of the building usually from 3pm, put inside again overnight and then back outside again Tuesdays 10am onwards and then topped up Wednesday mornings with anything from Tesco! All donated food which is just past it’s best before date but still good enough to eat! (They just can’t sell it so give it to charities) pop a donation into the bucket if you can but take anything you like
Morrisons in fishponds have a food bank and have things sorted in to sections. There was a sign saying please ask if you need help so that may be useful
If you are part of bristol city council, there is a form you can fill in and they give you vouchers to spend on food and toiletries. You choose which supermarket (out of the 4 options) and you get a gift card. You can only apply once a year and you don’t have to pay it back. You get it all accepted and received in the same day you apply if you submit it before 12 noon. I’m currently not on any benefits but was struggling this month as my husband lost his job and I was still entitled to it. It’s been a big help.
Christ the servant church stockwood every week day I think it’s between 2-4pm. No voucher or explanation needed
Don’t be embarrassed. More and more people, working and non, are finding themselves in positions where they need help. It’s tough out there right now.
There are Food clubs about Bristol, which I think people have linked to above. For example in Bedminster at the United Reform Church Hall West street Friday 2-4pm you pay £1 to join the club and then £3:50 for a box of fresh, dried and tinned and sometimes frozen foods worth £10-15 . All donated food collected and redistributed by FairShare.
Also if you talk to your GP and ask if they have a Social Prescriber- these are care professionals that exist because GPs know that housing, food, loneliness, anxiety etc impact on health. So they can help you find assistance.
I work for a really special organisation and we offer hot meals on a Friday and Sunday evening out of champion square, which is just outside the Quakers house in town. (It is opposite cabbots)There is no requirement to be homeless, many of our regulars are in housing but don’t have access to food. There is no tickets needed or questions asked. The service is accessed by a variety of people.
We also have a food bank truck that runs at the same times and is full of food items that your family may need.
Please have a look on our page Feed The Homeless Bristol for further details.
Try this! They have multiple locations across Bristol and it is great! not free, but only 3.50 per shop, and very good value.…/children…/food-club/
Please contact us with any of your own suggestions and we will add them to the list
Eric & Sam x ❤️