Birthday Parties

Celebrate your Tots Birthday in Style.

Disco Lights, Bubbles, Action Songs, Parachute, Giant Ball, Musical Instruments and much much more……

We have a brilliant team of Dancin’ Tots Party Hosts, ready and waiting to run your Dancin’ Tots Birthday Party indoors or outdoors.
Here’s all the info explaining what happens at an indoor party session.
Each Dancin’ Tots birthday party session lasts 1 hour.
Dancin’ Tots currently run birthday parties on Sundays but it is possible to do other days depending on the date.
There are 2 time slots available on a first come first served basis of 12 noon to 1pm and 230pm to 330pm
Each party session starts with disco lights, bubbles and music to arrive and dance to for 15 minutes or so.
Then it’s time to gather folks round for action song favourites, nursery rhymes, strictly come dancin’ tots, parachute, massive ball, more bubbles, finishing off with a rousing finale, going round the mountain with the musical instruments , by which time, the tots are usually hungry enough to sit and enjoy their party food while all the Dancin Tots equipment gets packed away.
The cost of the party is £85.
If you do book, we’ve noticed a couple of things.
If you’re planning on having a bouncy castle in the room, then you really don’t need to book a Dancin’ Tots party as well to be honest, but if you do still want to book, then we would request that the bouncy castle doesn’t go up until I’ve finished running the Dancin’ Tots slot.
Its also a good idea to have an MP3 player or the like, so you can play some background music while the tots eat their party food, otherwise its quite a come down once the Dancin’ Tots music stops.
Ideally the venue needs to be within a 20 minute car journey from BS16 otherwise there may be an additional charge to cover travel costs.
The venue you book must also have a car park, because there is quite a bit of equipment to load and unload.
If you have any other questions, or you would like to book just Contact Us




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